Choose A Good Domain


How do I choose a good domain name?

A domain name is only valuable to the people who want it. The domain name you choose is your online business card, whether you are using it for a personal or business website; it is your online brand, your online presence. Do not rush into registering the first name you find, this name will be with you forever so it is worth taking advice. domainstock have an abundance of experience in the domain name industry and can answer all the question you may have, whilst offering up to date technical and marketing advice.

Domain speculators are always on the look-out for marketable domain names, domainstock can help with specific domain requirements, whether you are registering ten domain names, or hundreds.
Search engine spamming is not so prevalent so most domain buyers are registering type-in and brand domain names. Type-in domains are domains such as – a name a user might type into a browser URL window rather than search for buy something in Google. A brand domain name would be a domain representing an aspect of a current or proposed company. is an excellent brand domain because it is short and memorable; the creators built their company around the domain name.

Paying close attention to keywords via Google or other keyword search engines, it is an effective and efficient way to know if you have chosen a good domain name.

The attributes that make them good domains also make them marketable. What makes them marketable makes them valuable.


What makes a good domain name?

• Keep it short, keep it simple. You want people to remember your domain name so the shorter the better; it will be easy to type in and communicating it to others will involve less possibility of error. domainstock is a purchasing platform that can give you access to a wide selection of three letter domain names..

• .com is still the most desired and most recognized domain extension and if you can register your domain name with this extension, you should. But, all is not lost if you are unable to register a .com, there are many other exciting domains to register with. Once you have found the perfect domain name it makes sense to protect it, registering your name with the other more common extensions and redirecting to your primary domain would increase your website traffic. Easy to type, easy to spell = easy to remember..

• It’s not a trademark or infringing copyright. domainstock can check not only availability of domain names, but also possible trademark and copyright infringements.


For an efficient, honest and fast domain name appraisal service, domainstock can help. Determine the value of your domain names and be confident that the appraisal is accurate and up to date.

How do I Buy a Domain?


How do I buy a domain name?

DomainStock have all the knowledge you need to complete a successful domain name registration.

Domain names are a string of words, letters and numbers; your domain name is the web address for your website. This is the website URL that you and your visitors will type in to find your personal or business website. Every website has a unique numeric IP address but these can be difficult to remember; by choosing an appropriate domain name you will have a memorable address that is both affordable and attractive.

Choosing a domain name is the first and most important step towards online success; a domain name will represent your brand, identity and online presence – therefore, spend time doing market research with your friends, team, etc. domainstock have been in the domain business for several years and offer advice in all areas of domain name selection and registration; its services allow you to see which domain names are available and will suggest alternatives should your desired name be taken.

domainstock offer our customers the best domain names available, they are cost effective and secure. Once you have chosen your domain name, our team will guide you through the registration process, it takes a few minutes and we are ready to answer any questions you may have. The most popular domain name extensions include .com, .net, .org and If the domain name you have chosen is already registered, our team is happy to work with you in contacting the owner to negotiate a possible sale.

Choosing a domain name is the first step towards online success; after registering your domain name you can design and create your personal or business website and link to your new domain name. With a good name, watch the increase in traffic to your website.